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Creeds to Live By

As of late, I’ve been in a someone introspective mood about various facets of my life. Because of that, I’ve been paying closer attention to what people say and do and have been recalling things I was taught as a … Continue reading

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Blocked Indifference.

I’ve been feeling uninspired as of late when it comes to this blog. I’m almost certain that I could find the time to post something, but when i finally think I have everything sorted out to write a post… everything … Continue reading

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25 Albums

My buddy, fellow blogger, and fellow Morganite Organized Noise tagged me for this meme over on FB, but I decided to do it over here. Think of 25 albums, CDs, LP’S,12 inches etc that had such a profound effect on … Continue reading

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Mental Health Weekend: The Recap.

You know what’s funny? Genetics. Why is it funny you ask? It’s funny because over this past weekend, I’ve noticed just how similar my younger brother and I are. In fact, it’s almost safe to say that we have the … Continue reading

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Mental Health Weekend.

That’s right. I’m off work this weekend. And contrary to what the homie Bryan Maltier says, I didn’t take off to go work a second job. I’m heading down to Virginia to chill with my little brother and stepmom for … Continue reading

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The Definition.

I was talking to the homie Mikey McFly on Twitter, and we had a pretty solid albeit brief convo about how people are reflections of  and defined by their environments.  I can think back to several occasions when I’ve shocked … Continue reading

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