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The Federal Reserve Drops Interest Rates by 1/2 a Point

Today, Yahoo! News reported (via the Associated Press) that The Federal Reserve dropped interest rates by half a point instead of the assumed three-quarters of a point. This is in hopes of the economy bouncing back from a recession that … Continue reading

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I’ve Come to Terms With The Fact That…

I am a private person. I was just thinking about something that Best Friend A, Best Friend Q and I were conversing about a few months back. They told me that they felt as if they didn’t know me. This … Continue reading

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BET’s Top 25 Events that Mis-shaped Black America

25. The Jheri Curl 24. Hurricane Katrina 23. The N-Word 22. CoIntelPro 21. Elvis 20. Negative Hip-Hop

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A Day in the life of a Haitian…

Have you heard about this story from Yahoo! News? As a person of partial Haitian decent, this really hurts my heart. We all say that the economy is starting to drop here in the states, but in underdeveloped countries such … Continue reading

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An Update on the Goverment Stimulus Package

Here’s more information on the Government Stimulus Package from Yahoo! News Random Thought of the Moment: “Damn, those books were expensive…” The Song of the Moment: “Waits For Me” by Lexlife

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Are You Fucking Serious?

Warning: Some may find this video disturbing….

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New Topic: The Genius of the Month

So I decided to start a new topic here at The Black Lounge, which is entitled ‘The Genius of the Month’. It was originally entitled ‘The Coon of the Month’ (thanks for the heads up again LH) but seeing as … Continue reading

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