Rant: I Hate MySpace

I’m tired of that damn site…here’s why:

Everyone on there is between 70-100 years old. (Their posted age)

Some Dumbasses don’t have access to digital cameras so they take pics on their camera phone. and when u go 2 zoom in on the pic… It appears just as large as it was before.

People that hit u up on straight nonsense..and ask shit like “So where are you from?” or “How old are you?” *sigh* DUMBASS…It’s posted on my freaking non-private profile.

Females that have all these requirements for meetin a dude..but when you get there, they’re more busted then a tire on a pothole-laden road.

People that steal pics….nuff said…thats just triflin..

Old ass people tryna recapture their youth…I’m sorry, if your over 35, I don’t wanna see you bent over showin off your goodies like your Ciara. Unless you’re J-Lo (before the pregnancy) or Janet, There’s a big Difference…Shes 22. Your Not. Get Over it and Yourself. And while your at it, drive your car off a bridge.


*Yea I’m in a salty mood rite now, Maybe I’ll write a post about it, maybe I won’t*

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