A Week in the Life of brran1 + Various Random Musings

It’s only Monday, but this week is already starting to rev up. On Friday, I have to give a speech on a cultural artifact. Guess what I chose? My Blog! I know its not really an artifact, but it is definitely something that is an extension of myself which I have been putting a great deal of time into these past few months. I intend on making one single post which highlights what I talk about here in ‘The Black Lounge’. I’ve been planning what I’ve wanted to do for about a week or so and I think I have some good ideas. I need some help though… I want everyone *lurkers included :)* to let me know what your favorite posts are. I want to include as much input from my regular readers as possible seeing as how this is a 3-5 minute presentation.

I just remembered that my license expires on Thursday…smh. I don’t even know how I forgot. Now I have to be up at 7am so I can get down to the MVA before they open so I don’t end up spending 4 hours there just to get my license renewed. Hopefully, I should be in and out within an hour because I have a class at 11.

My school work is starting to increase little by little, but I’m definitely staying on top of it. I just need to get a little bit more studying in for Calculus II.

The Potomac Primary is tomorrow and I’m sad to say it, but I can’t vote. Why may you ask? Well, I forgot to register to vote in time (Don’t taze me Monnie). I’ll go register tomorrow when I go in to renew my driver’s license.

I don’t understand certain people. I understand you want to be out chilling with your people and by all means do what you do. But why in the hell would you want to purposely chill outside of a Burger King which is adjacent to a car dealership with a huge parking lot when its 28 degrees Fahrenheit outside? Have you not heard the terms “Wind Chill” and “Nut Shatteringly Cold”?

Valentine’s Day is this Thursday, and I had every intention of spending it with Ms. Bed-Stuy partially because she had a sudden emergency on her birthday which prevented me from taking her out to dinner that nite. Unfortunately, seeing as how I have studying to do, and she has plans with her family, we can’t spend it together. I’ll just have to rearrange my schedule farther down the line so that we can have that long overdue dinner.

Yesterday Nite, Best Friend Q asked me if I could give her and my nephew a ride up to Brooklyn, NY so that she could spend the week with her son’s father (they aren’t currently together so I really don’t know what term I could use to describe their relationship). I agreed because I’m never one to turn down a road trip, I’ll do just about anything for my friends, and lastly because those three definitely need to spend some family time together. Maybe being in his environment (without our circle of friends around) will help them to work out some of the kinks that they have in their relationship. Only time will be able to tell on that one.

I’m still getting ready for the Jill Scott/Musiq/Raheem DeVaughn show in Philly on March 7th! I’m still trying to decide whether I want to wear denim or a nice pair of slacks and a shirt. All I know is, if Best Friend N still wants to go to the show, then she’d better hand over some duckets for the extra ticket I have. She keeps telling me “Nigga you crazy, You’d better not sell my ticket…” You know what I told her? “What ticket? You don’t have a ticket. I have TWO tickets until you pay for the second one…”

NY Fashion Week is finally over and I’m going through the slideshows and runway shows posted online between work. I’ll post some of the highlights and some of my favorite pics when I get the chance…

Stay Safe, Stay Warm, Stay Sane…lol

Random Thought of the Moment: “Now it’s time to head to bed…”

The Song of the Moment: “Mo Better” by Raheem DeVaughn

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