Hey Blogland, Can You Help Me With Something?

I just upgraded the layout of my blog and I like what I see so far. The only issue I have is that the information on the right sidebar is showing up way down toward the bottom of the page instead of at the top where it belongs. I know that I’m using an outdated browser so I have a feeling that this may be the culprit. Can you guys drop some comments so that I know if everything is showing up in the correct place and not all out of whack as im seeing it? Thanks in advance.

Oh, and posting to resume either tomorrow or Wednesday.


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8 Responses to Hey Blogland, Can You Help Me With Something?

  1. Lboogie says:

    Hey B!

    Everything looks good from over here! Nothing is lookin’ wonky or out of place.

    By the way, update your blogroll with my new address! Gracias!

  2. 1/3 says:

    Everything looks ok on my end. Yea I think you need to update ur browser like you said lol

    • brran1 says:

      Yep. Now that i’m somewhere with updated browsers, it seems that it was in fact. The R sidebar was there, but the links appeared waaaaaaaaaaaaaay at the bottom of the page.

  3. *Coop* says:

    It looks fine, B.

  4. turquoisesha says:

    Looks fine to me.

    And *ahem*… Why am I not on your blogroll?


  5. Tiffany In Houston says:

    Looks fine to me. I’m old and wear glasses. The font in the comment box is WAY TOO LITTLE.

  6. Horus says:

    Looks good to me other than the fact that you didn’t resume posting like you said you would!

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