Tell’em How You Feel Thursday: December 17, 2009

1. In the past few days I’ve celebrated my 2nd blog anniversary AND my 23rd birthday. Although things could always be worse, I’m grateful for those two milestones.

2. I feel like our “situation” is one-sided, and it sucks because I’m feeling you way more than I should.

3. I had fun Salsa dancing with you last Friday. You couldn’t stop looking into my eyes, huh? lol…

4. Thought, Word, and Deed. It makes sense once you think about it.

5. Happy 4th birthday Taye!

6. If it itches, scratch it. If it burns… go to the damn doctor.

7. It’s a shame that you can’t look outside of your self long enough to appreciate your surroundings. I see everything that you’re missing.

8. We need to talk. NOW.

9. I’m staying out of this situation. It’s a mess.

10. The fact that you refuse to accept responsibility for your actions has me floored. How can you operate that way??

11.  I know that you know. I’m ready to talk when you are.

12. I tried to drop subtle hints, but it’s definitely NOT working. Maybe I should try something extreme to get my point across.

13. You were right. That is a beautiful song. *Changes your ringtone*

14. You nervous yet? How can you be so calm in the face of something so big?!

15. The fact that you have issues displaying feelings for others ends up pushing people away. I understand that you’re used to operating solo, but you need to open up to others externally as well as internally.

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4 Responses to Tell’em How You Feel Thursday: December 17, 2009

  1. sunnydelyte21 says:

    Some of these fit things I’m going through…wow. Two Thumbs Up.

  2. Mel says:

    I might have to start doing “Tell ’em How You Feel Thursday”.

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