O.S.A.G. Day 54: Slowly, Surely…

Upon advice from 1969, I made the switch from Frosted Flakes to Frosted Mini Wheats. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had eaten that cereal, but it was good. I think I found a new favorite cereal…besides Grape Nuts and Honey Nut Clusters…

Yesterday during one of my bored moments, I found myself looking at the cereal we had. Ma Dukes just went out and bought the Mini Wheats, but I noticed that we had the actual Shredded Wheat cereal. I opened one of the packages and realized something. SHREDDED WHEAT IS HUGE! Seriously. How do you eat that? With a knife and a fork? Two pieces filled up the cereal bowl and absorbed the majority of the milk I put in there as well. After trying for ten minutes to saw the huge hunk of shredded wheat with the spoon, I literally said “Screw This” and reached for a knife and a fork. LOL I don’t think I’m ever gonna eat the actual Shredded Wheat again, that crap was entirely too labor intensive.

The other day, LH wrote a post explaining how he may end up giving up eating meat because of the abundance of sodium and fat in take out food. I realized that, alot of the fast food places I frequent (Panera Bread, Chipotle, Subway & Long Duck Dong’s Chinese Food and Beauty Supply Emporium) have great food and all, but they end up piling on the sodium, fat and cholesterol. I rarely eat out as is, but I personally think that I may do it even less. However, if you ever want to invite me out to eat and you’re treating, I will most definitely take you up on your offer. 🙂

Side Notes:

1.) Shouts out to Sixty for her comment on last week’s O.S.A.G. entry.

2.) Shouts out to LH for that post about the food from Chipotle. I’ve been looking at the Nutritional Info from all the other restaurants I frequent, and unfortunately, it only gets worse.

3.) That last restaurant I listed is not real. LOL

Random Thought of the Moment: “I think I may have to head to the library tonite to start preparing for my next speech…”

 The Song of the Moment: “And The Beat Goes On” by The Whispers.

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3 Responses to O.S.A.G. Day 54: Slowly, Surely…

  1. a.tiara says:

    lmao at you discovering how big shredded wheat really is. My grandma used to make me eat those. I shudder everytime I think of them lol

    Im glad you are documenting your journey to lose weight ans staying healthy. I need to do the same. Summer is coming lol

    Anyway, wish you the best:-)

  2. brran1 says:

    Thanks a.tiara. It’s definitely a journey. I wish I could start seeing some type of result though. It’ll come when I start going to the gym. I guess you can’t rush progress.

  3. Nineteen69 says:

    brran1…You need Frosed MINI wheats. LOL

    Much easier to eat and pretty tasty. Much better for you than those Frosted Flakes AKA Crack.

    Glad you liked it.

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